Domain Name Servers

Originally my domain had the DNS of my hosting company and then I signed up for Cloudflare and then subsequently changed the DNS to point to the cloudflare DNS that was provided to me. My question is this… I have changed hosting companies and migrated my website over to a new Host, Do I need to change anything on my domain names or within Cloudflare at all to facilitate this Hosting change.

Yes, you have to point (on CloudFlare DNS section) the domain & subdomains to the new Servers (A & AAAA)-records.
After this CloudFlare will route the traffic to the new server

Thank you M4rt1n,
and I do this within the cloudflare console and not via my domain registrar ?

You can do this via CloudFlare API, or CloudFlare Dashboard

As this are very very basic questions I may recommend just informing yourself about CloudFlare and how it works, how to set things up and how to configure it.

Fully understand that this is a basic question unfortunately all this was set up by someone else and I am just trying to get up to speed on it all, and once done I will then read up on all the details.
Thank you Martin

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