Domain name servers problem

   The name servers that cloudflare applied to my domain are not the same as the name servers applied by the company I purchased the domain from. This is from a email from cloudflare


We could not add to your account because your nameservers (NS) are not yet pointing to Cloudflare.

Update your nameservers

1. Log into your registrar
Find instructions for your specific registrar

2. Update your current nameserver records with the ones we have assigned to


Only these two Cloudflare nameservers should be listed at your registrar. All other nameservers must be removed.

Still need help?
Follow our support guide. For additional help, reach out to the Cloudflare community.

The Cloudflare Team

The nameservers applied by the company I purchased from ARE Cloudflare nameservers, just different from the nameservers Cloudflare applied.

Cloudflare nameservers /
Nameservers from domain supplier /

I can’t change the nameservers on either end and can’t verify and set up my website . Both sides say the other has to make the changes. I have 16 hours into trying to resolve this,please help

Looks all good to me: 172800 IN      NS 172800 IN      NS
;; Received 370 bytes from 2001:500:856e::30#53( in 40 ms

Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP means that the DNS records you have created in your account are incorrect - your web host usually has a step by step guide on adding a custom domain which you should follow. That guide would have the correct DNS records for you.

You’ll have to decide whether you want the domain to be in your CF account or in theirs. Right now, it seems to be in yours, so you have to make DNS changes in Cloudflare, not at your domain registrar.

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