Domain name servers not identified as being proper

I had a domain completely purged recently and this issue has happened twice in the last few months. The Audit logs indicate it was purged by Cloudflare.

I believe the domain isn’t being properly detected as having the correct name servers. They’re the correct ones and haven’t changed in many months. What should I do to force Cloudflare’s system to properly check?

The dashboard shows the following what shows all should be good:

What do you mean by “purged”? Was the domain removed or suspended from Cloudflare due to violation of TOS?

What is the domain name?

Have you changed your nameservers to the Cloudflare ones as provided from the screenshot at your domain registar?

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Domain is pointed correctly to the Cloudflare and the A records are :orange: proxied also. and have HTTPS to HTTP due to 302 redirection enabled via Page Rule? In case you would need to, if you want HTTPS at your domain, disable that option.

Moreover, as quick check, do you have HTTPS and SSL options enabled or which one do you have, if so, at the Cloudflare dashboard?

Moreover, is the issue because you still do see “Done, Check for nameservers” blue button at the Cloudflare dashboard?

Well…one of the Name Servers does have a typo. The ‘eric’ one is missing the second L in Cloudflare.


Wow, thanks for spotting that, I didn’t notice it and it seems to have solved the problem.


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