Domain name servers changed to cloudflare, but my website it's still not secure

Hello to all!

I’m a new member of Cloudflare community, however, I’m using DNS servers from Cloudflare for almost 7 months. I have a website on eco web hosting and because I’ve got student package, I don’t have SSL with that package on my domain. I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare before 2 days but still, when I open my web site it’s saying that is not secure. Can you please help me? Maybe I need to wait for more than 2 days.

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You still need a certificate on your server, otherwise your site is not secure.


Thank you for the help Sandro!

I missed that last step while I configured my domain names. I ordered the certificate and now my site is secure. Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

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is your site secure using the flexible ssl method? or ssl full / strict? did you upload a origin certificate and a root CA or just a origin? just making sure you have full ssl enabled :), flexible is a joke imo.
i love sandro’s reply’s he is epic, MVP for sure

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Hello User1081,

I’m quite new for this things, so I trying to learn and it’s better to ask here than to mistake something. However when i connected domain names I mean it that is automatically ordered a certificate for my site :slight_smile: . About which method site is secure: flexible
I read it about flexible ssl method and I know that is not full secured , but for me this is good practice for all stuffs so I will try everything.

It is not secure at all. But you already did configure a certificate, so that should not be the problem anymore.

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