Domain Name server resolving issue after tranfer to cloudflare

Recently I transferred my domain name to Cloudflare NameServer from Google Domains.
The domain was already pointing to Cloudflare Nameservers before transfer as the domain was added to Cloudflare earlier.
But after the transfer, the Nameservers got pointing to Google nameservers. And Cloudflare doesn’t seem to detect that the domain has been transferred to the Cloudflare registrar and update the nameservers.

I opened a ticket with Support but it got autoclosed. Can’t reopen it too.

As per other support threads in the community, it seems only Cloudflare can get this issue sorted out.

This seems like a trivial issue with a lot of transfers into Cloudflare facing the same issue and not having a straightforward solution to this is very pathetic. The bad thing is that, all the tickets get auto-closed and we need to post a community thread for this.

The site has been down for a lot of days now. Do we have any way out of this?

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Facing the same issue with my domain transfer. My blog has been down for many days now.
Can you escalate my ticket? It has been auto-closed by the system.
The ticket id is #2277475

Facing the same issue with my domain transfer. The site has been down for some days now.
Support tickets get autoclosed

@sdayman Can you escalate my ticket too ?
Ticket id: #2277475

Please don’t use tags like MoreHelp before stated or post on other people’s threads about a different issue. It will just delay us looking at it.

I have escalated your ticket.

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Thanks a lot for escalating.

But I really don’t get it. Why do I have to go through this process of raising a thread in the community for such a trivial issue faced by many? Why are the support tickets autoclosed by the system without even looking at the matter which only the support team can solve? And asking users to create a community thread, and wait for 72hrs(3 days) for asking MoreHelp. And by going through similar threads open I can see that the tickets have remained open for so long even after escalations like these. Definitely something to improve. I decided against moving 2 of my other domains to cloudflare registrar because of this bad experience. Totally disappointed with the service.

You shouldn’t have to, these issues are usually resolved automatically once the domain has been transferred in. For some reason, we’ve seen an increased number of issues with this recently, and I have passed this on and it’s being looked into.

This is generally just for customers on the free plan, where community is the only support option available for most issues.

Yes, that tag has a different purpose, it’s for alerting a group of people if your thread on the community has been missed. The MVPs have a separate escalation path to follow at any time that doesn’t require waiting.

The ticket still remains closed. Do I have any alternatives to get this resolved?

@domjh What can be done? Can you check again with the support team ? The ticket remains closed still.
Can’t even transfer back my domain, I have to wait for 60days. Totally pathetic situation for a customer of Cloudflare. We are paying for the domain, so shouldn’t we at least get the option to control the NS ourselves or a dedicated support type for this type of issue related to the Cloudflare domain registrar which doesn’t autoclose the ticket.

I’m afraid there is nothing else I can do. Seems that no one has got to this escalation yet, I can see it’s still in the queue.

I replied to your ticket #2277475 and have manually updated the NS for your domain. We had an issue with our process but a fix has been applied and the issue will resolve shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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