Domain name resolution not working for after domain transfer


Domain name resolution not working after domain transfer to Cloudflare when using It works fine when using any other public DNS server (from ISP).

Any advise on how to resolve this?


What’s the domain name?

It could be something like DNSSEC issue which most ISP Resolvers don’t validate.

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Thanks for including your domain name. It’s a DNSSEC Issue.

; EDE: 9 (DNSKEY Missing): (no SEP matching the DS found for

Your DNSSEC Configuration is broken.

It looks like you had DNSSEC setup for an old DNS Host.

You’ll want to either outright disable DNSSEC, or enable DNSSEC with Cloudflare and update your DNSSEC configuration with the information Cloudflare gives you:

These changes to your DNSSEC Configuration can be done at your Registrar, who appears to be


Thanks @Chaika! Issue is now resolved…


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