Domain name resolution issues

i have already set DNS, but when i visit the domain, the page still can not appear the correct content。how can i find the problem?

What’s the domain in question?

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i have already creat the connection between domain and ip,but when i visit domain still can not jump to website. pls help me check the problem,tks so much~
domain name is

You problem appears to be on the webserver at your web hosting provider. You can confirm this by pausing Cloudflare. You will need to work with your host to make your site work. Once it is loading, you can take Cloudflare off pause.


In addition to what wrote, you also need to fix your encryption on Cloudflare. Currently you have an insecure legacy mode selected and no encryption whatsoever. Make sure to select Full Strict to secure your site.

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thanks for your advise.but when i visit my site by IP ,it work well.
and when i ping the domain , it shows other ip which is not set in cloudflare by me , my one is another. so how i can do next ,thanks so much !

when i visit my site by IP ,it work well.but when i ping the domain , it shows a error.
how can i do ?