Domain name resolution failed, ask for help

I changed the DNS of Godaddy yesterday, and then added A record in Cloudflare, but it has not been effective. Does anyone know what the problem is?

It resolves fine ->

It doesnt load, but simply is because the server does not respond. That is something you need to check on the server side. Also, the record is not proxied, just in case you want it proxied.

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Sry. Does this mean that my DNS has been successfully resolved?
So I just need to check my server configuration?

What exactly is the error? For example, your naked domain does not have a DNS record. No idea if you need that.

Sorry to bother u again.
First, I changed the DNS on Godaddy to DNS provided by Cloudflare.
Then, I add a A record to point to my VPS.
But it didn’t seem to work. I don’t know which step went wrong

What doesnt work? Sorry, but that error description is somewhat useless.

Post screenshots and be as detailed as possible.

I use the IPcheck to check my domain, It shows that my domain doesnt point to my server IP.
As far as I know, if my domain name is resolved successfully, my server IP will be displayed here, is that right?

That will be because of the missing entry for the naked domain, which I addressed earlier. If you need that record, you have to add it under your DNS records.

Yes, I have already add it under my DNS records. But I cant ping my domain successfully.
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You have added a “www” record, nothing for your naked domain. Add one for “@” too.

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