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Hi Guys
I logged into my domain name registrar and changed my name servers with Cloudflare’s name servers so it can point to Cloudflare and it has been successful. I have recently came across a better domain name registrar and plan on transferring my domain name there. So, before doing so I would like to know if it’s ok for me to change domain name registrar now, what I would need to do so my new name registrar also point at Cloudflare name servers?? Do i simply need to log in into my new domain name registrar and replace the name servers with the Cloudflare’s name servers given???

Even if you change domain registrar to a new one, your nameservers will stay same, that is if you have created/using cloudflare’s nameservers then they’ll remain same.

Also note:

  1. Some registrars will use their default nameserver for newly transferred domain, and you’ll have to manually change it then.
  2. Some registrars provide a custom-profile ability in their control panel, where you can already add default/custom nameservers that will be applied to every new transfer or domain registration. IF your new registrar has this ability, then you can enter cloudflare nameservers right now, and once the domain is transferred, it will display the cloudflare name server.
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Thank you so much for your reply
life saver, i was bit worried but see clear now

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