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I have clearly setup my domains incorrectly. I have six domains with my registrar pointing to Cloudflare. My goal is for each domain to be either universally redirected to a URL or even better redirect based on domain CNAME. I’ve tried bulk redirect and rules and not been successful at either. Could someone point me to documentation showing how to configure dns & rules to redirect my domains to specified URL. Thanks

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Have you tried this Community #tutorial?


Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed.

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I spoke too soon, i set up six domains this way and two work while the rest get a Cloudflare error of “Connection timed out Error code 522

Can you pick one domain and share the DNS and Page Rule here so we can help you figure it out?

The Issue is resolved, i figured out that i had the initial wildcard incorrect. I had *.domain rather than *domain which resolved the issue. Thanks again for your help.

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