Domain name not working!

Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.

this domain has problem 1 month ago, it was working fine before, i bought this domain at Cloudflare.

Ping tries to find a DNS record for that domain and isn’t a valid test to see if you have a domain. If it shows that you have the domain in Cloudflare, then you own it. If you want the ping to work, then you need to add a DNS record for the root of your domain.

hi the domain was working fine before, i just had this problem recently


Your domain is in redemptionPeriod - this indicates the domain hasn’t been renewed or for some other reason, the domain will be deleted in ~35 days.

Make sure that your payment hasn’t been reversed or anything like that.

Hi, I just bought this domain name and it’s still valid

The domain still has the statuses.

Domain Status: clienttransferprohibited
Domain Status: pendingdelete
Domain Status: redemptionperiod

Make sure that the payment hasn’t been reversed like I mentioned before because that would cause this - if not, contact support and post the ticket number here.

You can do this through the dashboard but if that doesn’t work, email [email protected]

thank you, i think Cloudflare has problem, i see when buying domain name it doesn’t show anything

I see your ticket 2472936 with Support. Please do not open duplicate tickets, that slows down the reply for you and everyone else.

I will escalate this post for the attention of my Registrar & Billing colleague to review.

The ticket is with the appropriate team, who will address it.

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