Domain name not resolving in some countries (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN)


We have received multiple reports from our visitors that they are not able to reach one of our websites (.com). The response code they are getting is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

There were no nameserver and/or DNS changes made recently. We have tried enabling DNSSEC however the domain name is still not resolving properly. Ping request response is: “Ping request could not find host .com”, nslookup returns: “DNS request timed out. UnKnown can’t find .com: Query refused.”. On the other hand, our alt domain (.com) resolves properly for the same visitors.
Affected countries currently appears to be: Philippines and Vietnam however there may be more.

The issue does not appear to be limited to certain visitors only as we have received over 20 reports from different visitors.

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DNSSEC looks good. And it’s resolving most everywhere. Unfortunately, this check doesn’t include Vietnam or Philippines. Is it resolving for anybody in those countries?

Yes, the domain resolves to some of the visitors from Vietnam and Philippines, but not to all of them.
Manually setting their DNS resolver to solves the issue, however this is not a solution as the issue is not limited to a select group of visitors. We are receiving new reports daily.

I can confirm i can access the site without any problem (tested on all 3 ISP of Vietnam: VNPT, Viettel and FPT )


Thank you for your confirmation. Unfortunately there are still visitors that cannot resolve the domain name.

No worry, In Vietnam, there is currently a broken cable connecting to Hong Kong, so it may be the cause. Some other websites with servers in Hong Kong or some websites running through Cloudflare that are directed to the Hong Kong server are likely to suffer from the situation you mentioned.


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