Domain Name NOT Forwarding

Hello - I have tried everything and I am stumped. I moved an old domain name to cloud fare and wanted to forward it to a different and active website. It had worked in the past with the other registrar but it stopped working with them also about a year ago.

I am trying to forward mysouthjerseyhome dot com to my working domain name, davesulvetta dot com

I have had no joy with this and I can’t figure out what I am doing incorrectly. A little help please?

Hello there,

Is it active on Cloudflare? I’m not sure if that works without that. Also, I see your A records seem to be missing. Would you check these & try?

Hi! thanks for your reply. The domain name should be active on cloud fare. Also, I changed the A records this morning. they point to my site I’m forwarding too. However, this didn’t forward before I made the changes of the A record. Very confusing.

Would you confirm that? If not, I think that’s not possible.

This seems to be wrong I reckon. There’s no A record set for domain from which you are trying to do so that is: ; which in other words need to be the active domain in order to forward.
You can check that here:

It doesn’t have DNS records.

Please follow this tutorial, including which DNS records to add:


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