Domain name not active - pending nameserver update

My client had registered a domain with cloudflare from his own cloudflare account and also gave me access by adding me as a member. I deleted the website from the dns zone and added it again and now the domain name is pending for a day. Something doesn’t look right and I’m afraid something is messed up by deleting and adding the website.

I see these messages on the dashboard even though the domain is registered via Cloudflare, it is asking to update the nameservers at a different registrar.

“ is not active on Cloudflare yet

Update the nameservers at your registrar to activate Cloudflare services for this domain.“

Also, when I do a Whois search for this domain name, it doesn’t show any info at all. It returns an empty search.

You need to create a support ticket with the category “Registrar” to get that fixed.

Thanks I did. Free support takes so long meanwhile the website is down for 2 days. Cloudflare domain registration is cool and cheaper than others but man, issues like these make me regret my decision to transfer all my domains to cloudflare.

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