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We’ve recently moved one of our existing domains to Cloudflare to support CNAME flattening. We’ve created a domain in the dash, added a CNAME record and updated the NS records in our previous dns provider to the Cloudflare nameservers as per usual, however the new records appear to be resolving to our old site.

I’ve noticed in the overview panel that the domain in Cloudflare isn’t active yet. Is this an issue with Cloudflare or our the DNS settings in our register?

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Nameserver updates can take up to 24 hours to propogate. If you’ve set your nameservers just wait until it’s active.

Unfortunately it has been nearly 7 days since the NS records were changed on the registrar.

What’s the domain?

I can see the nameservers are Cloudflare ones, and to be precise. I’m assuming these are the expected ones?

If so, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be active. You could try setting it up again.

Thanks. I may need to try that out.

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When I look at the domain Cloudflare are not the Nameservers for the domain.

Take a look at Zonemaster for more details but it shows these are the nameservers
Nameserver listed these servers as glue:,,

Nameserver listed these servers as glue:,,

Nameserver listed these servers as glue:,,

Hope that helps

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I’d assume the OP went with the following advice.

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