Domain name no longer directing to my site


I am setting up a wordpress site on WP Engine. They recommend using Cloudflare’s cname flattening method for DNS resolution. I created a cname that points to the cname at wpengine and I have changed the nameservers with my registrar (gandi). Yesterday, the domain name was directing to the correct wpengine site. Today, it redirects to a Gandi placeholder page. I have tried purging the cache with no success. Any suggestions?


DNS can come and go for the first 48 hours. When I checked your domain, it shows Cloudflare IP addresses, but when I visit it, it asks me to authenticate with a username and password.

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Thank you! I guess I just need to be patient then.

The username and password is normal, I have restricted access while the site is being set up. I was getting the login page yesterday, but am redirected to a “this domain is taken” page today.

In my case, my local DNS had cached my site’s IP address and I was getting inconsistent results for the first 48 hours.

To temporarily fix this, I set my Mac to use and (Google) for DNS servers and I was able to get to my new site. Now I’m back to my regular DNS server that finally flushed its cache.


Thanks, that helps make sense of what is going on. I reset my DNS server and was able to access the site using the domain name.

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