Domain name is not yet active on Cloudflare


Seriously sort your forum out, it keeps saying my post contains links when it doesn’t…

Because the forum auto-links certain keywords, because people never use the search :wink:

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Looks like it didn’t accept my screenshot of my post either, not sure whats going on…

Sorry I cant post my message

I had some technical info I wanted to include, but long story short I cant get past adding the domain, have updated the name servers and they are working fine doing external NS lookups

What’s the domain?

radionecks co uk

Domain seems to be configured all right. Just wait a bit or click the button to verify the nameservers, but generally it should verify sooner or later.

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Hang on, you have a typo in your nameserver.

Thanks, its been around 24 hours since the name servers were changed to Cloudflare. I run the dig command from a linux console and confirm the correct NS servers are showing, additionally whatismydns shows the NS servers have propagated across the internet, so im not sure what else could be holding this up - i’ll leave it for tomorrow and try to verify again

You need to fix the typo. Once you have the right nameservers set, you can verify again and it should work.

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oh I didn’t see that, thanks for pointing it out. I see it now in the response from the dig command

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