Domain name is not working with wifi, only 4G

It seems that our domain name only seems to be working on 4G networks in the Netherlands but not if someone is logged onto a wifi network.

Can anyone please help us to identify what the possible issue is?

We had migrated our nameservers to Cloudflare on the 26th January, and at first we thought it was a propagation issue. It has now been 36hrs since the change, and we are still experiencing this very strange bug.

Can anyone shed light on this issue?

This could be due to the wifi router (or its configured upstream resolver) caching the DNS responses. Can you share a screenshot of the error you are seeing and if possible, let us know if thus still occurs from different wifi connection?

See screenshot of the response. And yes, we get this same response on a different wifi connection.

Hey ,

Can you relook on your nameservers and I would appreciate if you send your nameservers screenshot

Hi there,

Do you mean on Cloudflare? Please see attached.

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From where you have purchased the domain ?

We purchase it from the following company:

Ok Super !

I Request you once re-check the nameservers given the following company .

I Would Appreciate if you send a screenshot of nameservers give to the following company

Ok. So I have to contact them to re-check the nameservers given by them?

I Would Appreciate if you send a screenshot of nameservers give to the following company

Hey ,

Done checking ?

They said the DNS settings are going to Cloudflare. See Screenshot.

Yes ,

First of all ,

Is Cloudflare enabled on your site ?

Ok, so if change it to flexible would it help? I am not a technical person, and I’m scared to change it to flexible and something bad happens. What are the chances of something breaking?

No, There is nothing to fear try and see

Ok, I’ve just changed it over. How long does it change to get results?

@Neeraj_1, please do not make such suggestions. You are misleading the OP and suggesting he removes his site’s security. The issue is not even related to that topic.

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just checking if there is a ssl issue

So do I change it back?!..