Domain name information has not responded for a long time

The name server has been changed to

More than 120 hours have passed
Other functions have been enabled normally

Domain Registration

Domain Registration Still unknown
What should I do to make my domain name on cloudflare :sob:

Sorry, my English is not very good. :pensive:

Hi @huanyeandmoon,

That shouldn’t affect your website on Cloudflare and just means that Cloudflare can’t automatically match your domain to a known registrar ID.

Is something not working?

I want to transfer my domain name to cloudflare for renewal :pensive:

If it’s a supported domain, that still shouldn’t stop you transferring it.

What’s the domain?

is realm name。?。。I feel I can’t describe this noun accurately
My original domain name registrar was

Sorry, I mean the domain name you want to transfer to Cloudflare. Can you post the domain name that you are trying to transfer?

Unfortunately .cc domains aren’t supported by Cloudflare Registrar at the moment.

You can see the TLDs that are supported here:

Thank you very much for your answer :sob:

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