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What should the Page Settings be on?## Normalize incoming URLs -is on## Normalize URLs to origin -is off

Sorry Rules settings!

Normalize incoming URLs -is on## Normalize URLs to origin -is off

There is no need to change the Normalize settings at this time.

I am not having any luck finding support documentation or knowledge base articles for Fine Art America. You may need to ask their support why your site is not using a valid certificate. This has been a problem with their platform in the past. Unfortunately, I have no idea how the situation turned out, as the poster did not return to share the ultimate outcome.

If you have Always Use HTTPS enabled in Cloudflare that can interfere with some certificate deployment implementations on the origin server.

You could try pausing Cloudflare temporarily to see if your origin site at FAA is able to obtain the certificate that it needs.

Thank you. It says- Consider turning on “Development Mode” to bypass caching while preserving protection.
Should I do this?

No. That is not your current objective. Right now we want to ensure that visitors will make a direct connection to the FAA server without Cloudflare sitting in between. Once you have paused Cloudflare you will want to see whether the FAA server is able to obtain and deploy a certificate fro your custom domain.

If it does not, you can then contact FAA while Cloudflare is still paused and work with them to identify what is needed to get the correct certificate in place on your site on their server.

OK, so now i get this:# Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


You appear to have re-enabled the Cloudflare proxy before resolving the certificate issue on the FAA server. You need to keep Cloudflare paused until your site works correctly. Only then can you expect the site to work when re-enable Cloudflare.

They make it sound so scary and FAA is not helping me right now. So how threatening is it to be paused?

It isn’t scary. Your site needs to stay paused until it works properly while paused. In your scenario, it will not work with Cloudflare enabled until it works properly when it Cloudflare is paused.

ok, thank you! I hate this tech stuff… lol!

I understand. You might consider outsourcing your IT work at some point. While it does add a business expense, there is real value returned, not the least of which is not having to deal with these sorts of things yourself.

So this is what FAA said: We are not providing you with an SSL, that is what Cloudflare are doing

Our SSL is fine for your premium site, we cannot provide one for your domain, hence Cloudflare being there.

You may not have read a previous explanation that I had written because Cloudflare did work on this site at one point without FAA helping, so here it is: Hi, My domain name keeps getting - too many redirects. I have gone through this so many times with cloudflare support and keep answering the same questions. Unfortunately no one seems to know how to fix it. I didn’t want to get into this long story but here goes. I bought Cloudflare for my website at Fine Art America. I had an issue back then but someone on the Cloudflare sales line actually helped me get it going. Then I changed my website to Artstorefronts and they added it for me. I have gone back to Fine Art America and now having the same issue. So IT IS Cloudflare where the issue is coming from! Cloudflare support keeps sending me to Fine Art America and Fine Art America sends me back to Cloudflare… NO ONE is helping!! I do know that a Cloudflare tech can fix it but I will not pay $240 for one year subscription. I paid for a Domain Name and it did work and it should work again. My last support ticket was (Ticket #1089122). I sent all the info about how FAA wants it set up, Cloudflare said it was correct. So everything looks like it should work but it is not! I cleared my cookies and cash twice.

Please help Diane

The only reason I found out about Cloudflare is because FAA required me to sign up with Cloudflare, so I decided to use them as a Domain Name as well. I’m sure that’s what the “hence Cloudflare being there”, means. If I cannot get this resolved I would like a refund and I will go somewhere else. I paid for this to work and it did once, without FAA helping, so should again! I will not pay $240, that would be a scam.

Thank you for all your help.

Oh, I have seen that reply. It was in the first three posts that you made to this specific topic.

They cannot, though. The problem isn’t with Cloudflare. It is with your origin site at Fine Art America.

There is no need to pay for a Cloudflare Pro subscription. It will not add anything that you need.

You have yet to pause Cloudflare on any of the times that I have checked it. Until you pause Cloudflare, I cannot assist you any further in this matter, as it is completely disrespectful of my time.

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That ticket number is not correct, can you check the Cloudflare Ticket number and share that here? I do not see any tickets for the account you are using here.

Sorry, I mean no disrespect and I really appreciate any help at this point. I had it paused then you said that FAA had to fix it and they cannot so I changed it back. I just paused it again.

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Thank you for leaving it set to DNS Only so I could examine the site.

I don’t know why they (FAA) let you set a custom domain and then refuse to obtain the SSL certificate required to serve it properly over HTTPS. There is no reason no to properly automate that function.

Since they don’t provide the required certificate, and I don’t see any relevant documentation on their site, I am going to recommend a configuration that I would not normally advise.

If you set your SSL/TLS mode in Cloudflare to Full where it is currently set to Full (strict), your site will load with the Cloudflare proxy :orange: enabled. Changing that setting will ignore the mismatched hostname on the certificate that FAA is using on your site. It is not the best practice, and it give me really poor opinion of how FAA views network security, but it will get your site working.

Do you want to try that and let us know how it goes?

Hey, sorry but I’m just not comfortable with all of this so I turned it on again. I’ve decided to just go with a different server. I thank you for all your help but this is just taking up too much of your time and mine.
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

Sure, I just did it and it says page not found but it’s on FAA, that’s weird!

Then if I put my name in the search bar on the site my website comes up.

OMG, it seems to be working!!! Thank you soooo very much!!! Should I try to go to the strict SSL? Or just leave it alone?

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