Domain name from

I have registered a new domain from I try to configure the DNS to point to my cloudflare account.
I have added 2 nameservers that is given to my account but I got the following message from nominus.

Regarding domain There is a problem with the configuration between your domain and the name servers you submitted. We have assigned our Free DNS to the domain in order to keep it active.

Please, contact your hosting provider and ask them to verify the configuration of the name servers for this domain. Please, note that each domain must be configured on the servers, therefore other domains may work on these DNS while this particular domain does not.

Please let us know as soon as the DNS are authoritative for the domain so we can proceed to make the change.

Im lost, what should I do? any ideas?

Where did you try and change the nameservers? You need to change it in the registar settings.

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