Domain Name for Qbit Web UI

Hey there, I have been recently using the QBit Web UI and I have seen a lot of images and videos and saw that there url contain generally like and I have been trying to figure out and turn my http://myip:port/gui into that, but I am unable to find any help on this topic on the web so if you have any idea how to change the url from to my, Please explain to me.

I am doing this to make it look nice and easy to remember and then I will be able to install Cloudflare’s SSL certificate on my domain name so Google doesn’t say This Certificate isn’t trusted because Certificate domain doesn’t match website url.

In order to change using domain:port you need to create a DNS record that points to the IP of Qbit Web UI.

Make sure it’s a compatible and supported port with Cloudflare proxy mode :orange: as follows from the list on the link below:

Otherwise, use a port forwarding/proxy from some of the unsupported to the one which is supported. Else, use :grey: (DNS-only) for your hostname (DNS record).

The only certificate from Cloudflare which you can generate and install at your origin host/Server is Cloudflare Origin CA certificate:

Therefore, set your SSL/TLS option to Full (Strict) SSL → otherwise you would end up having the same “error” showing up at your Web browser as described:

Site visitors may see untrusted certificate errors if you pause or disable Cloudflare on subdomains that use Origin CA certificates. These certificates only encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and your origin server, not traffic from client browsers to your origin.

Otherwise, use Let’s Encrypt / Certbot / ACME to generate a valid SSL certificate for your domain name(s) at your origin host/server.

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