Domain name doesnt resolve properly

Hi all,

Learning my way around DNS, so please bear with me!

I’m on Cloudways, where I have 2 apps (2 websites) - one is a WordPress install and the other is a CMS / php script. They are both meant to be part of the same domain, with the Wordpress one resolving to a subdomain.

Each app has different Cloudways URLS, but the same IP address.

The domains are with NameCheap and name servers have been set to Cloudflare.

The subdomain app resolves properly, as in, when you enter the subdomain in a browser it displays the Wordpress site and the URL doesn’t change (see below).

Yet the other app, which should resolve to root, immediately reverts to its Cloudways’ URL after the root domain has been entered: this happens both with and without “www”.

What would be the correct settings to have “root app” resolve properly?

Thanks a lot

This sounds like a redirect issue at the Cloudways end. If a hostname does not work properly, I suggest you toggle it to :grey: DNS Only, then wait five minutes to take effect. After that, give it a try and work out any issues with your hosting, making sure it works completely and with HTTPS before you toggle it back to :orange: Proxied.

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Wow that was fast!

OK I’ll try what you’ve suggested… I guess waiting a bit for any changes to take effect is a very good idea too!

Thanks a lot!

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You are probably facing a redirect issue. It’s not about the root domain, you have to correctly place the primary domain for your respective application and check the DNS status from “what’s my DNS”. Moreover, you also need to check the Cloudflare configurations and record types.
Please check this: How to install Cloudflare CDN on WordPress. I hope this will help you resolve your issue.

Thank you so much. That did the trick!

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