Domain name DNS not working

I purchased this domain name last year, but it was not renewed after one year and was lost.

I repurchased it yesterday, and I’m glad it wasn’t bought by someone else. I used it to parse to my wordpress website and found that the website could not be opened.

Moreover, the DNC recorder of this domain name has an incorrect label, which states: This hostname is not covered by a certificate.

It’s been over 24 hours now。

What is the domain name?

my domain is dgotop com.
I also found that the universal certificate for this domain is not working

The domain seems to be added to Cloudflare and is resolving, but as you have noticed, the Universal SSL certificate isn’t working.

Check that Universal SSL is enabled at the bottom of this page…

If it is, disable it, wait an hour, then enable it again and see if that fixes it.

Also ensure to set your SSL/TLS settings to “Full (strict)” here…

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got it, thank you.let me check.

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