Domain name cannot resolve CNAME properly

Hello, my domain name is connected to the CDN, and I need to point and to the cname of the CDN, but it keeps saying that it fails, can you help me see what exceptions caused by errors?
I have configured in the background
But the domain name cannot be resolved normally, please help me thanks

Can you post a picture of the error message?

Thanks for you help.
the pic1 is my config item.
the pic 2 is a dns test in china. (

the ip is right from my dns supplier, but in many places it is wrong to resolve the address (IP addresses starting with 80 are all resolved incorrectly)


It looks like your domain is still using the 1api name servers, so whatever you do on your Cloudflare account isn’t going to change your DNS.

Thank you.

This problem happened just now, and my colleague reported to me that something went wrong, which was normal before.
I checked the NS settings of the domain name provider, I have repaired the CF

I have checked the NS of the domain name provider and have resolved to CF.
CNAME on CF points to my CDN supplier. However, many areas still cannot be resolved normally.
Sites and
The correct resolution ip should be:
But many errors point to:
Please help me test again, thank you!

My site currently uses cdn
Normal site resolution should be
However, at present, there are wrong addresses resolved in many areas. Many regions resolved to, which is wrong,
Can you help me refresh?
Thank you!

my site:

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