Domain name cannot be transferred

Domain name cannot be transferred,Prompt for the following error:

Please retry transferring this domain. You have not been charged.

I have requested the transfer verification code several times for this, but the CF system still shows such an error.


I also encountered other questions that need to be answered.

1、Unable to find control page for domain renewal in “Overview”
2、It is recommended that the domain name menu be set to a freely “tick” option instead of using “X” to decide whether to renew.
3、I suggest that you improve the domain management page as soon as possible, the current operation is very inconvenient.

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I have the same error for more than 20 domains.

The problem has not been solved so far, and the domain name is about to expire…

For me, the Domains where charged, but the outgoing registrat got not only one Transfer request.
So paid, provided authcodes, but no Transfer at all? Is this the new Business model?