Domain name cannot be resolved website not working with cloudflare


website is not functional after switching name servers from hoster to cloudflare dns servers. Error message indicates that host name cannot be resolved.

Error message calling website

It appears that domainname cannot be resolved since DNS is not resolving to configured servers in A-Record:


Addresses: 2606:4700:3034::ac43:a2f8

Whatsover, traffic seems to come in at cloudflare:

I had this running overnight to make sure that DNS propagation is complete. Whatsoever, it did not work.

I assume this maybe a config isue, but I have currently no idea what is going wrong.

Hope anybody has a suggestion in here. Thank you :-).

Additional note: I switched back to our hosting DNS servers, so website is working as of now not using cloudflare - just in case in case somebody is checking in the meanwhile.

Do you mean these IP addresses?

These are Cloudflare IP addresses and are given when your domain is proxied so requests for your site go to Cloudflare first where they are processed before being passed to your server. Read here…

Your site is resolving in Cloudflare nameservers so is active. If you switch back and have any problems, post back.

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thank you for your input and the further reading provided! As far as i understand, my observation (nslookup and cloudflare ip adresses) is expected behavior, since I have set the A-recrods to “proxied”, therefore the nslookup gives Cloudflare ip-addresses, referenced as anycast ip adresses. Meaning my initial assumption (hosting ip adress being listed in nslookupü) is not correct and would only hold true when not proxying the corresponding entry.

Whatsoever; I don’t have an idea what is going wrong, since I got the error message “DNSPROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”, which indicates that the dns request time out and could not be resolved (Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN · Cloudflare DNS docs). I expect this to be the same when switching back.

Any idea, how to dig deeper and get to the bottom of the issue?

I don’t know why the domain wouldn’t resolve. DNSSEC being enabled when changing the nameservers is the usual cause, but DNSSEC doesn’t seem to be enabled for the domain so it isn’t that.

It’s something to look at if you switch back.

Once thing to note in your DNS screenshot, all the CNAMEs you have are for services where they need to be set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”. (That’s not the cause of your problem, but will stop those services from working).

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