Domain name been banned by Cloudflare for Kinsta

We are using kinsta as provider and suddenly our domain name has banned by Cloudflare (kinsta is using Cloudflare as service, if I understand correctly).
Our domain is registered in France by OVH so it has nothing to see with cloudflare and cloudflare suppor is not responding to our e-mails. This is really a nightmare as our website is down. The domain name is
If someone could help…

Did you just sign up for Cloudflare? If so, wait a few minues and see if the error goes away!

If you have a hosting provider (and it’s down) it’ll also trigger this error!

That domain is not using Cloudflare DNS. And it’s pointing to a non-standard IP address.

There are many partner hosts that use Cloudflare for their clients. If you’re set up through Kinsta, I suggest you work this out with them, as you’re not using your own Cloudflare setup.

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