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Looking a moving Domain to Cloudflare.
Question about DNS/MX records.

Current Situation:
Domain Registrar and Host is IONOS (1&1)
DNS Currently redirected to HostGator where the WP Site is Living along with email MX records for this Domain.

The Plan:
Move WP Site from HostGator over to Pressidium (no mail service)
Migrate Domain from IONOS to Cloudflare

How are the two records applied to two different services?

I notice in my 1&1 panel, because DNS (and all other records) point to HG, I cannot do anything with MX Records anymore. So even if I wanted to stay with 1&1, for Registrar and Host, it seems I can’t as long as I cannot deal with the MX Records I would need. (emailed 1&1 for clarification…no word yet)

So…I am hoping>>> Cloudflare DNS will point to Pressidium and MX Records where I eventually need them to go.

Thanks…I am all ears.

PS: is it not possible to speak to a real person at Cloudflare? Support link takes me to FAQ and Articles.
How about a phone number?? Is this Community as close as you get to a Live Person?



Well… I think (and hope) I am alive!!!

You can login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support (there is a ‘Get more help’ option. There is no phone support unless you are on Enterprise plan. We are generally happy to help out here though and mostly you get a very quick response!

If I understand correctly what it is you want to do, yes it should work no problem at Cloudflare. You can point your A record (or similar) to your web hosting and set your MX records to point to an external service.

For example, one of my domains uses GSuite for email but the web host is separate, A record points to host and MX to GSuite.

I hope this helps!

(on a different note, although I am not familiar with 1&1 as a registrar, I don’t see why you couldn’t point your MX records elsewhere, but Cloudflare provides a great DNS service that I would recommend, along with loads of other features!)


In 1&1, here is what I get when looking at DNS record that is pointing to HG:

The DNS records are inactive because you are using custom name servers. To reactivate the DNS records, you can reset the name server to [ 1&1 IONOS default settings ]

I don’t want 1&1 default settings, that the whole point. So I have email them for clairification.


Your nameservers point elsewhere, presumably HostGator, you should be able to change the MX records there.

However, you can change your nameservers to Cloudflare and do it there if you want to, you also get the other benefits of Cloudflare.


Kinda sorta. Name servers do indeed point to HG, along with MX. So email for domain is fine, thru HG.

I want to Punt HG down the road, reclaim my 1&1 DNS, move Domain to Cloudflare, Point MX to Zohomail.

I managed to talk top a LIVE person. Getting info sent as I type. Should be clear as mud soon enough.



This can definitely be done, I have a domain using Zoho for email and a different web host, running through Cloudflare.

If you need any more help with moving to Cloudflare, just let us know! :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent. Thats what I wanted to hear/know.

Pressidium: as my Wordpress Host
Zohomail: for …well…mail
Cloudflare: DNS & MX management and relative pointers.
Cludflare: Domain registrar too

All doable. Check.

That way I can get rid of 1&1 and HostGator.

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Perfect, looks like it will all work to me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just an update. All good. haven’t moved Host, but using Cloudflare DNS now. Site is instantly quicker load times by google site performance checks and GTMetrix

Will get the rest setup in near future. Good stuff here. I like it.


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