Domain migration from one account to another


I’ve migrated one domain from one Cloudflare account (A) to another (B).

I’ve changed DNS servers on registrar panel (from DNS for an account A - lily & lex) to DNS for an account B - cortney & greg

On account A I see status domain as “Moved”, on account B I see this domain “normally” with proper DNS entries like A records, MX, etc.

Whois - shows new DNS entries:

However, the domain just disappears from the internet. It is not available. I’ve created a ticket to Cloudflare (I have a free account - so I’m on the bottom of the queue).

Nothing more is described here:

Is there anything that I can do? I’m waiting five days already.

Why didn’t remove it from account A?

You only have DNS records for www, not your naked domain. Is that what you meant?

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Good point to start - just removed.

Not really - www is not working, the only proper entries from who is are pointing to new set of DNS from Cloudflare. However domain is not visible on any DNS:

Your www host does resolve ->

It seems to redirect to the naked domain however, and this is aforementioned issue. You havent set up an A record for it.

Good point - added A entry with @ :wink: and it seems to work for now.

Big thanks!

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