Domain masking alternative?

My server needs to work, since my router software doesn’t really want to forward ports 80 or 443. Can I make it just

A request needs to be forwarded to the destination if you are behind a NAT.

In case your router supports exposed hosts or 1:1 NAT it could be worth a try. Careful: all external traffic will be routed to this host. So ensure it’s firewalled.

An alternative to @MarkMeyer is to use a Worker to access the same domain under a different port on the backend. You would access it via the usual ports 80/443 for HTTP(S) and then it would get redirected to whatever ports you want. You could probably ask your ISP about those ports as well.

Argo could also be of some use here, although it’s not free. has links to describe how this
works, and the pricing.

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