Domain marked as "moved" - it's not

The domain Winblad is marked as Moved. It is not moved. I don’t know why this marking is applied.

Further, I would appreciate if it’s possible to just briefly scroll down my dns-register and comment if any of my DNS-records are unnecessary or not applicable. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Best regards
Cathrine Winblad.

I presume you are talking about That domain currently does point to Cloudflare and should be active.

Can you post a screenshot of You can redact the IP addresses if you want.

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Hi Sandro, tanks for your reply.
I post screenshots of the DNS-records ( I was not allowed to post screenshots of the domain moved notification and the two nameservers that are not active. My nameservers are Jermaine and Joyce

best regards

These are the correct nameservers. The domain should be actually active on that account, however you have Cloudflare addresses, which should definitely not be there. Was the domain previously on another Cloudflare account? That would explain why you got that email and the incorrect IP addresses. Disregard the email, but fix the IP addresses.

Just to be sure about the nameservers, the two you mentioned are listed on the page where you took the screenshot?

On Cloudflare, below the dns records are listed the eve and felicity nameservers. From domeneshop, my registrar and the whois base, it shows that jermaine and joyce are registered. It is jermaine and joyce that I have written into the name server directory.

I have had the same Cloudflare account all the time.No change.
If you ask me to fix the IP addresses, I am blank. I do not know how to fix them. What can I do? Do you want me to remove them, or find other IP adresses? I do not know what you mean.


Then you are looking at the wrong account. The domain is active on the other account with the given nameservers.

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But I only find one account. How to find the other??? I have one login, I arrive in this account.

I am afraid I cannot tell you how you can find the other account as that is something you or someone who manages your domain set up.

You say you only have one account, right? Which nameservers does it provide? Do you want to use that account?

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Here is the nameservers that is shown on (what I believe) is my account:

The DNS-records that I have shown you are from the same page.

Honestly It does not matter to me what account I use, as long as it works.
On (what I believe is) my account it says Domain is moved. I have not moved it.
Then it states eve and felicity in the nameserver fields.
Maybe somebody just moved everything to a new account becasue the DNS record was so messed up. I don’t know.
And if everything is moved to another account, nobody can tell me where or how I can get into it. The whole thing seems pretty strange…

Well, the domain is currently active on the other account and seems to load. The fact that your current account has incorrect nameservers would suggest that you added the domain to your current account afterwards.

If you can get access to the other account, it would definitely be easier to use that, as the domain is already properly configured. How you get access is a different question but nobody here can answer that, either you or someone else in control must have configured that.

If you want to use it on the current account, you will need to change the nameservers at your registrar and configure the correct DNS entries. For the latter you need to talk to your host.

I will just leave it as it is for now.

Thanks for your time.


Just remember, if you do not have access to that other account, you currently do not control your domain. Maybe contact the people who have access to your domain and ask them what they exactly did, because someone must have configured your domain on that other account.

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