Domain Management Dashboard

I just heard about Cloudfare, and it offering domains and renewals at cost.

Are there screenshots anywhere of the domain management dashboard?


Cloudflare is for domains already using Cloudflare services. There’s really not much to show, as it’s connected to other Cloudflare features. Other than the Transfer In section, which is just a list of domains using Cloudflare, here’s just about all I see:

Ohh, so it’s really not a domain registrar? Only to the extent of registering domains to use for other Cloudfare services?

I was hoping for a screenshot of the dashboard, or the whole page.

Cloudflare is a Domain Registrar, but they’re not yet to the point of letting customers register new domains.

The rest of the dashboard is my general Cloudflare interface for my domains. What else are you expecting to see? You can get a tour of the dashboard here:

I was expecting some sort of dashboard to be able to manage all of my domains?

You can’t actually register domains with Cloudfare?

You can transfer in domains if they use Cloudflare as nameservers.

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