Domain "lost" after previous service provider went bust... help!

My previous domain provider went bust, didnt tell me.

Since then my domain was transferred to Cloudflare with no way for me to manage it (or notification), subsequently it’s expired as I didnt get any notifications.

I know it was transferred to cloudflare because the ICANN site says so:

Domain Status:


I have signed up for a cloudflare account and opened a support ticket for this, but Ive no response so far (other than an automated one to tell me that I dont own the domain).

Any pointers for how I can reclaim my domain and renew it and get my email and site back online would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You have my sympathies for the difficult position that you find yourself in.

Since the domain is registered in an account that is not yours, I’m not terribly optimistic about your odds of success, but there may be some protocols available that I am unfamiliar with. If you were provided a ticket number on your request, you can share it here, and we can request that it be reviewed.

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Thanks - ticket is: #3184103 - appreciate any bump that it could be given!

I also found in an old email address I dont use that cloudflare sent me a “Domain Suspension Notice”.

It was on a backup email that I dont normally check, but since my primary email is now down, I used it to create my cloudflare account.

As CF have sent a " Domain Suspension Notice" to that email, and clearly they believe it to be associalted with the domain, does that bolster my chances?

Is there an automated way to associate my email address with the domain given the above fact?

Thanks again

It certainly doesn’t hurt them. I’ll forward your ticket number. You should hear something once it has been picked up.

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For someone new to the CF world - how does the process of you forwarding a ticket number work? Any rough ETA on that?

The longer this is down, the longer I have no primary email for my business. It’s quite frustrating the situation my previous provider has left me in!

Again, thanks for your help.

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There is unfortunately no way to offer any ETA. The ticket escalation requests are processed as appropriate staff become available. I submitted your ticket number immediately, so your request will be seen as soon as possible.


Still nothing from support - meanwhile Ive no acces to business email.

No SLA and no response in 3 days is very poor show, also no responses on their phone line at all.

Any other avenues I can try?

I wouldn’t expect to even see an initial response until next week. I find having lowered expectations helps prevent unnecessary disappointment, and, in a case like this, also serves as a good motivator to develop contigiency plans. Plus, it makes it all the more delightful when things occur sooner than you expect.

It is entirely possible that the domain registration may not be recoverable. Most decent business email systems can handle the addition of an alias domain. You may want to employ that approach to function as a stopgap.

If you have any means of reaching the party that controls the Cloudflare account that your domain is in, that is always likely to be the fastest course of action.

I am setting reminders via the bookmark system in Discourse to keep checking in on the escalation request that I submitted. I know you are frustrated and likely uncomfortable, but additional replies on this topic won’t force things to move any faster. They only serve to delay the assistance available to others, as time spent here is time that I cannot use to help the next person.

Hang in there. Consider adding another domain to your business email account and remember that no one has forgotten about you. There are just a lot of people that need assistance and a finite amount of staff available to help them.

Hi @macwestuk,

I just replied to your ticket.

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