Domain loading without www

Hello guys,
As I come from Siteground where I automatically configure Cloudflare Cdn thought their settings, i was used that the domain should be loaded with www. Prefix in order for the Cdn to function properly.

As a matter of fact, after the Cloudflare integration, the domain where loading with www.

Now that I switch from Siteground I’m adding sites to Cloudflare manually. No problem for configuration, but they’re now loading without www.

Is that correct or am I missing something here?


If you have successfully added your Website to the Cloudflare, have you checed if you have A records for @ and A record for www pointed to the destination IP address (origin) where the content (Website) is hosted?
Or you may have CNAME for www, or neither one in your case?

Also to consider, your Web application routing?
Example, sometimes people install for example WordPress on domain, but without WWW. So there could also be some issues, like you would have to change in the WordPress dashboard to, also replace all your URLs in your databse, etc.

Hi firtez, yes I have an A record that points to my server IP and a CNAME www that resolve to the domain.

What I still don’t understand is whether it is actually an issue that the website loads without www or actually does not matter.

Thank you again

It can be related to your hosting, Apache htaccess or Nginx rules for redirection.
Also, for example the WordPress may be installed on the but not on
So, that way you could not access your www domain without the needed changes.

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