Domain linking to Blogger not working

I bought the domain in Godaddy and I added the domain in cloudfare. I want to connect the domain to blogger blog and for that I have added valid DNS records and waited about 2 days after that but Blogger still doesnot authorizes the domain… I tried posting in the Blogger help community, someone suggested to post here too.

And another weird issue is the domain( redirecting to, I havenot set this anywhere not in Godaddy, not in Cloudflare. But the www version is redirecting to start version.

Can anyone help on this?


If Blogger gets you to create particular DNS records to perform this authorisation, make sure they are :grey:, otherwise the result they get when they query will be different, and the authorisation will fail.

It looks like the redirect is coming from your Origin if I go directly to it, so this is definitely not on Cloudflare.

% curl http://172.X.Y.121 -H "Host:" --dump-header - 2>&1 | grep Location

Thank you for the reply Michael.

Yes I have saved as :grey: for all A records, I will set for two CNAME records too and I wait try again after some time.
And regarding the redirection issue, it must be Godaddy then if its not cloudflare. And can you tell from where I can fix that? And how can i fix that redirection? I didnt see anything on Godaddy too. I contacted Godaddy few days earlier they told me there is no issues on their side, told me to wait for a day.

The IP address is Google, not GoDaddy.

Yes, I have added A tags with Google IP address for blogger. I checked above site that you sent me, www version is giving Cloudfare IP address and non-www is showing Google IP address for recent results.
Also it seems same domain name was used by various other too per Historical data in that site, could that be issue?

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