Domain leads to error message and is not redirecting

When I go to my website which is supposed to redirect to another site, I get the following error message:
This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in


In my Cloudflare account, it shows that the domain is active. The redirect had been working and not sure what happened or how to fix this.

If you check the DNS records within your Cloudflare dashboard, do you see any A/AAAA records for the domain? Your domain doesn’t appear to have an associated DNS record and that’s why it’s not resolving.

$ whois
Name Server:
Name Server:
$ resolvectl query resolve call failed: '' does not have any RR of the requested type

How are you doing the redirect? If you’re wanting for Cloudflare to do the redirect for you, via a page rule or otherwise, you’d need a DNS record for the domain that’s proxied (orange-clouded).

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