Domain labeled as expired on transfer to CloudFlare

Hello all,

I am trying to transfer my domain to Cloudflare. Domain expires in may, whois confirms this, as well as previous registrar.

I did all the steps>

  • nameservers
  • unlock domain for stransfer
  • add new site on Cloudflare
  • transfer form, auth code added
  • (its not my only domain here so payment has a card to pick up money from)

When I a come to Domain registration > Manage domains page my domain is labeled as “Expired” and “Invalid date” under expires column.

On my domain overview page, in the sidebar when i hover over transfer to Cloudflare tooltip comes up saying “Conditions not met”.

If i click on “Manage” link in the manage domains page, the label on the following page says the transfer is pending.

What to do about this?
Last time i transfered the domain I never saw “domain expired” and similar.


Ok, I hope if I paste my ticket number I get some answer #2704652.
I had no idea this is how things work on Cloudflare.

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I see the reply from the team indicating It may take up to 5 business days for the transfer to complete.

Let them know on the duplicate (replied to) ticket 2705728 if that is not the case

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