Domain keeps redirecting to another domain when https (Help)

I am currently managing two domain names under my free Cloudflare account and I every time I try to connect to (Example) ‘****s://’ it switches to ‘****s://’. Both domains were managed under the same Cloudflare account. I have gone as far as to totally delete the account, create a new one and only add back ****s:// Still the same result. However when not using SSL I can contact ‘***p://’ url without it redirecting me to ‘***p://’. I know this is happening in Cloudflare because I can fully take the server offline and under a separate wireless (phone) browser the URL redirect still occurs. I am at a loss on how to solve this issue.

Could you please share the domains?

domain 1 is alumafx dot com
domain 2 is alumafx dot tech

If I try www alumafx dot com it redirects to alumafx dot tech

The .com site loads for me. And Redirect Checker | Check your Statuscode 301 vs 302 does not show any redirect to .net

.tech returns a 520 error for me.

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