Domain keeps changing

I’ve notice this happen several times in the past few days… I’ve been transitioning my website to a new host and every time I put in the correct IP in the DNS records, after a little while (hours?) it changes to something else. It takes my website offline, which is a major problem. How can I figure out the issue and resolve it?

Are you saying that your host keeps changing your server’s ip address? If so that’s an issue you’ll need to discuss with them

This sounds like the usual Ezoic DNS updates. If you’re using Ezoic, treat it as a compromised account:

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Hi. No, siteground has only ever given me one server ip address. So that’s the address I use for CF’s DNS records. But, somehow, after a few hours it seems when I pull up the live site it now gives a message about “propagating”. When I log into CF to check the DNS settings, I’ll see that the IP address has changed and is slightly off. But I didn’t change it and I don’t see how my web host would’ve changed it (or why). I’ve been using CF for longer than I can remember, and this issue is a first for me.

I suspect the problem may be related to the website being “in between” hosts…transferring from one host (a2) to another (sg)? I saw a bunch of CDN entries in the DNS records that weren’t there prior to this host I just left (a2). I deleted those entries a few minutes ago and also noticed that CNAME was being used for a couple of entries that would normally be A records, based on what siteground has listed for the domain’s DNS records. I went through the records and made sure what’s listed in CF’s DNS entries match what the current host (siteground) has listed on its end for the DNS records.

I have a few sites I use with Cloudflare and this is the only one it’s happened to (and the only one with those CDN entries), although all of these sites have just switched hosts, too. This one experiencing the problem is the largest one (it’s a few years old), so maybe that’s related, too. I (obviously) don’t know.

As of now (with those changes I made above), the site seems OK. If the site goes offline again and I find that the IP listed for it in CF has changed, I’ll have to keep digging.

Thanks for taking a look.

I gave a longer reply elsewhere, but apparently it had “links” (not really) that aren’t approved.

Anyway, to keep it short, no my host is not changing the server IP for my domain. It looks like it may be Ezoic as someone mentioned in another reply. It’s funny I first signed up with them in January, but never completed all of the steps. According to them, the set up has been in the “Integrating” process this whole time… I guess I wouldn’t have known they still had their “hands” on my site somehow if I hadn’t changed hosts.

Thanks. Right now it looks like they are the issue. Neither my current nor previous host have access to changing my DNS settings in Cloudflare, they’ve confirmed. I’ve changed my CF password and reset the API. Hopefully this is enough to keep Ezoic out of my settings. I guess I’ll find out in a few hours, if the settings revert once again. Thanks for the link.


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