Domain issue help!

I am new to this domain stuff- I purchased a domain through my iCloud account to use for business purposes. When I went to add it to my Outlook, I discovered Outlook does not support business email domains that were created through iCloud/Cloudflare… is there a way to somehow transfer the domain name I created to a provider that outlook actually supports?

You don’t need to transfer the domain to use it with a different email service. Simply disable Cloudflare Email Routing and configure your DNS records as directed by your business email provider.

If you still want to transfer your domain registration to another domain registrar, you can do so once the sixty day transfer lock has passed.

Thank you! I did check and my loading page is disabled, however- when I use one of the sites that allows you to check for domain name availability, it still says it is not available/taken.

Are you searching to see if the name you already registered is available? It won’t be since it is already yours.

If you want to use your newly registered domain name with another email provider instead of the iCloud forwarding, you dont need to purchase the domain, just the business email service that you want. You can then configure your existing domain dor use with that service.

Okay - I will see if I can figure this out! Thank you so much:)

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