Domain Issue - DreamHost

Follow along with the guide that @GeorgeAppiah shared in the first reply.

Is there a way to make my other four domains free direct to my main one through cloudflare? Until I use them for something else…

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I got the domain to work but it doesn’t work with “www.” Is this CF, something I need to set up, or is this the fact I’m trying to use NJS and RJS?

Did you add www as a custom name in your Cloudflare Pages settings?

What is

No. Is there documentation on how to go about that specifically?

Yes. Scroll up. It has been shared here twice already. Once by @GeorgeAppiah and again by me.

Alternately you can redirect www to the apex name using the guide that I shared earlier.

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Did you create a redirect rule for www to naked domain? If you leave the www DNS the way you have it (100:: and :orange: ), you should be good once you add a rule like example 2 in the Cheat Sheet.

It looks like you got it between the time I looked at it and replied. :+1:


So I got it working like this:

I did my second domain EXACTLY the same but it’s not working with or without www: jvkstudio .com- maybe I just have to wait some?

I forgot to mention that both domains are going to the same place aka

You can wait as long as you want. As long as the is on GoDaddy DNS it will never redirect. Cloudflare Rules only work on :orange: proxied hostnames.


It’s not on GD. The name servers are CF. Domain is in DH like my other Komplete domain.

You typed it without the second s, so I looked up the wrong domain. :wink:

Sorry. On dreamhost it is set to DNS only to The cloudflare DNS servers. Then I did it the exact same way on cloudflare with the IP and pointing to the same website on GitHub

Do you have an appropriate redirect rule configured?

Examples 3 and 4 in the Redirect Rule Cheat Sheet would be good starting points for sending visitors from one domain to another.

Alright. I got the second one working. I think I got it from here with getting them working…

Does one need to set up SSL and such like I did the www? CF does say that SSL is active…

I’m not sure what you are referring to. I don’t know what you did with www.

As long as universal SSL is enabled you should be fine. You aren’t proxying traffic to an origin server.

So JVKomplete had shared hosting from dreamhost on it. That’s why I was able to get the IP in the above images from Dreamhost to use on cloudflare for the www. I just canceled my hosting with them because I don’t need it so I’m not sure how to go about setting up the www now because right now I’m doing this and none of them are working besides the main one JVKomplete and I’m not sure why since I also changed it to the AAAA on it and it’s exactly the same as the others that don’t work. :expressionless:

The main sites do but not the www.

Can you show the redirect rule you have configured for