Domain Issue - DreamHost

I have 5 domains on DreamHost, I’m not using thier hosting anymore… I’m doing node.js, react.js with Cloudflare and GitHub…

I added the site on Cloudflare, changed the DNS on DreamHost, and now Cloudflare says the site is added, protected and active on Cloudflare. But I’m not sure how to connect my domain to Cloudflare/Github?

Unless it’s just a waiting game?


Where are you hosting/deploying your React app?

Cloudflare Pages? Or GitHub Pages? You need to first connect your custom domain from there, and then add the necessary DNS record in Cloudflare.


I use CF for React.

So I changed the DNS of my domain in DreamHost to what CF wanted. Then added the custom domain in CF and it shows up with under my CF account.

If that means that you are using Cloudflare Pages, then you can follow the custom domain guide that @GeorgeAppiah shared above.

Yeah… that’s what I did. I went to custom domain, entered it, changed the domain name servers in dreamhost for that domain to cloud flares servers, did the https questions, then I got an email that states that my domain is active on cloudflare. It also shows as a site in CF.

But it doesn’t work?

You need the nameservers on Cloudflare before you set the custom domain in Cloudflare Pages so that it can create the necessary names automatically.

I went ahead and removed it from Cloudflare and then re-added it as a custom domain with the domain servers already set the Cloudflare. As of right now it’s not working but I guess I’ll give it more time?

You may want to share your domain name and a screenshot from your Pages custom domain and your Cloudflare DNS app.

Here are 3 attachments of what I see with CF. Thanks for helping… I’m new to all of this node, react, and CF stuff. The domain still isn’t working, what am I doing wrong.

You might need to upload the other screenshots separately.

From what I see in your DNS, you still have DNS records for your apex name and www that point to Dreamhost. You will need to remove those if they are the names that you want to use with your Cloudflare Pages project.

Here is the other 2 images in one, not sure what else you need or where that is?

So how do I make this simple? Is there anyway way where it can generate what CF needs without any DreamHost stuff? Which ones should I delete?

Thanks… :expressionless:

Are you still using Dreamhost for anything?

I have my 5 domains on DreamHost, that’s it. I’m going to cancel the hosting when I get everything set up here on CF/GH. I don’t use DH hosting right now. So as long as I can get this domain working and somehow get my other 4 to redirect to JVKomplete when you go to them… I’m done with DH.

So why not delete the leftover DNS records? You can export a backup before you delete anything just to be safe.

What’s the best and most easy way to do this? Clearly I have to have some records to get it to work, but I know nothing about them or what I need. Is there a simple way to do this?

As of right now. I have no records for it.

If you are indicating that you have removed all the records that are present in your first screenshot, have you tried removing and adding the custom name in your Cloudflare Pages?

I removed all of the records. How do I get to the cloudflare pages? What custom name would I add?

I am confused by this question. Did you not say upthread that you were already using Cloudflare Pages and struggling to get a custom name to activate in your project?

So the project is working with the temporary domain right now. I just need to get that domain working for it.

I guess the cloudflare terminology is a little confusing to me. I’m completely new to cloudflare.