Domain is unable to send and receive mails

Hi together,

this is my first post, i have a problem when i changed my nameservers from my domain to cloudflare.
I will transfer my Domains to cloudflare and i used mailbox service from another service.
My Domain is actually hosted by domainfactory, when i changed the ns records to cloudflare is my mailservice not longer working. I checked the DNS Records and i doesnt see errors in my configuration, when i changed the ns records back to domainfactory is the mailservice working again.
Have anyone Idea for my problem?

thanks for your help and replys.
Best regards

Make sure any email related subdomains such as mail, smtp, imap, etc are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

Otherwise, what is the domain?


thanks for your fast reply.
on my another domain it works fine with proxied, i try it without proxy.
i changed the dns server now to cloudflare again.

the related domain is

i think the problem is resolved, i look tomorrow again.
thank you for the tipp.

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