Domain is transfer to cloudflare since 2022-10-xx, now is in serverHold state is transferred to Cloudflare since 2022-10-xx and working properly for > 60 days. Now, this domain is in ServerHold Status.

Please help to fix it.


Its related to Cloudflare domain registrar. Would you create a support ticket choose as registrar. That’d be helpful.

Are you getting an nxdomain error? I suspect your A record is incorrect

Thank Cloonan!

It’s not concerned DNS (A Record). It should be higher and over control for our user level like us. This domain is working properly with 2 hostnames of 2 vps but all gone at the same time without notice. Now 2 vps, 3 subdomain for 3 customer’s demo sites are gone. I’m migrating all wordpress data manually to other sub-domains as customers are waiting.

I’m still waiting for support response.

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