Domain is stuck in "Pending nameserver update"

The host is Hover and the nameservers have been updated for weeks. When I do a DNS check via, it shows the nameservers that Cloudflare wants them to be, but the system doesn’t seem to be able to pick that up and in the meantime it’s preventing us from issuing the SSL. We have deleted and recreated this site multiple times. I’ve gone through the other posts with this issue but haven’t seen anything that would apply to my situation. The domain is What do I need to do to fix this?

The name server configuration on your domain registrar, Tucows Domains, is incorrect:

$ dig +noall +auth NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS

For the Lara name server, you have, not

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Hi there,
I do see that, however when I check the lara name server is also showing with the correct spelling

You are not using a valid test. You have shown the results of a query to the data as configured in the zone hosted by Cloudflare. You need to check the delegation NS records found in the org. zone. The data found there is determined by what you set at your registrar and that is where Cloudflare will be checking to see if your site is ready to be activated.

Please take the action in step four when you decide that you are ready to activate your domain.

  1. Identify authoritative servers for org.
% dig ns org. +short
  1. Ask one for the NS for
% dig ns
;; AUTHORITY SECTION:       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS

  1. Realize that one of them is indeed spelled wrong, which will, in fact, prevent the domain from activating in Cloudflare until such time as it is corrected.

  2. Decide to fix it at your registrar so your domain will activate in your Cloudflare account.

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