Domain is stuck in "pending nameserver update" state

Hi! I feel like this question gets asked a lot. And quite often there’s something wrong on the asking person’s side. That’s why I’ve checked everything and re-checked again to make sure I did everything right.
dig NS @ +short

It’s been like this for couple days. Then, I’ve removed this site from cloudlfare and re-added it again. Cloudflare said to remove Cloudflare_nameserver_that_I_cannot_post_because_Iam_new_user_1 & Cloudflare_nameserver_that_I_cannot_post_because_Iam_new_user_2. and replace them with Cloudflare_nameserver_that_I_cannot_post_because_Iam_new_user_1. & Cloudflare_nameserver_that_I_cannot_post_because_Iam_new_user_2. Yeah, that’s funny. Now site still in “pending nameserver update” state but overview page is empty i.e. without instructions on how to update nameservers.
So it looks like I’ve broken Cloudflare site. Any ideas on how to fix everything?

You need to set the nameservers at the correct place, which is the registrar. You created NS records at your host instead.


Oh, right. Route 53 could be confusing. Thank you very much!

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