Domain is showing suspended

i have register my domain with cloudflare. i have recently shifted my hosting from infinity free hosting to hostinger.and now my domain is showing website is suspended.can you please help resolve the issue asap.domain is

Just open a ticket at off grid hostinger, they will tell you the reason for this

I connected hostinger and there’s no issue from their side which is been confirmed and asked me to check with cloudflare support…
As domain is registered with cloudflare…
Thank you

That message is coming from your hosting provider.

When you did this, did you update the DNS records in Cloudflare?


i have pointed cloudflare DNS to hostinger and I have added DNS of hostinger to cloudflare too.This wont work?then how do i point cloudflare domain to hostinger? I got a message from infinityfree hosting that my domain is suspended because i used more space than allocated in free account.and so is the reason i switched to hostinger now where cloudflare set up is now i dont know where it is stucked and why it isnt working
hope to get the issue been resolved.

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