Domain is registered still not showing not registered

Domain name is registered still showing error that is not a registered domain.

What’s the domain name and could you provide a screenshot of the error?

All domain names have extension .in - not able to register them.
Only can able to register domain which have .com

Do you have active and valid nameservers for your domain and does it resolve to the DNS, or rather none?

Furthermore, maybe you have set Cloudflare nameservers already? (as for example if you know them while having other domains under the same Cloudflare account)

Unfortunately, if that so, you cannot use Cloudflare’s nameservers before you have added the domain name to your Cloudflare account.

You could try to move to a different DNS provider prior to adding your domain name to Cloudflare.

May I suggest below article:

I believe .in is no yet available to register at Cloudflare Registrar as far as it is not on the list at the below link:

Or you meant to transfer .in domain to Cloudflare? If yes, see above article.

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