Domain is registered in Cloudflare but is pointing somwhere else

Hi Community.

So I have a domain that is active in my cloudflare dashboard and I have bee receiving messages from the old hosting company saying that its up for renewal but it is already on cloudflare. I contacted them and they said these ar incorrect notifications as default actions…however, I just tried to access my company site and it’s down…can anyone tell why why this would be if everything was working and that it’s active in my cloudflare dash?

the domain is:


Your domain changed from Cloudflare nameservers 2 days ago (maybe due to your domain expiring, now seemingly renewed), so your site is not currently working through Cloudflare…

Unless you are using Cloudflare Registrar (which you are not) and Cloudflare Pages, your domain registration and hosting provider are all required for your site to work. Cloudflare sits in between these to protect and proxy your site.

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ok great thanks - but I can’t find where the domain is hosted because I moved from two different locations until I found cloudflare and I though it was now all in cloudflare?

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